Riggers Homestead

The history of our Farm dates all the way back to 1895 when German immigrant Fredrich Riggers began homesteading on 160 acres of land located three miles West of Nezperce. Fredrich paid a one-dollar filing fee for the land. The contract required him to make improvements, which Fredrich made within three years. Several years later in November of 1900, Fredrich married Erenstine Koepp who was from the Cameron-Julietta area.

Fredrich and Ernestine had seven children. Two of the children, Ted and Ernst died tragically in infancy. The five remaining boys including Steven and Nathan’s grandfather, Winfred or “Wink” as he would later be called, helped out on the family’s farm.

During this period, the farm experienced several years of prosperity due in large part to food shortages in Europe that followed the conclusion of World War I.

In 1929, the Great Depression hit. As the stock market crashed, so too did commodity prices. During this time, Wink and his brothers were forced to pursue work outside of the farm. The boys outside work allowed them to pay for seed and keep property taxes current on the homestead.

In 1933, Fredrich died forcing Ernestine and her sons to deal with running the family business in the height of the Great Depression. Three of the boys, John, George, and Wink, continued to operate the family farm. The three sons later moved on, building their own separate farms in the Nezperce area.

In the 1950s, Wink farmed with his three sons, Stanley, Robert and Gerald in the Craigmont-Nezperce area. Wink passed away in 1969 leaving the farm to the three brothers. Stanley, Robert and Gerald farmed together until 1973 when the boys ventured out on their own, continuing to farm in the area.

Stanley and his wife, Betty Tyler had four sons, Michael, Timothy, Steven and Nathan. In 1981, Steven returned to the farm. Later in 1992, Nathan joined Steven and his father on the operation.

Today, Steven and his wife, Joan along with Nathan and his wife, Christine own and operate the family farm. The farm now operates 6500 acres of leased and owned farmland in the Craigmont-Nezperce area.